Against Will

Kim Myong-sun
 Translation by Don Mee Choi


Korea, I cut my final tie with you

If I fall over into a ditch

or spill blood in the fields

go ahead, kick my dead body

If that is not enough

later when someone like me is born again

abuse her as much as you can

Then we’ll part forever

hating each other

This vicious place! Vicious place!



Don Mee Choi was born in S. Korea and came to the U.S. as a student in
1981. She studied art at the California Institute of the Arts. Her
poems have appeared in The Asian Pacific American Journal, Hawaii
Pacific Review, disorient journalzine, and Gargoyle. She lives in
Seattle and translates poetry of several contemporary Korean women
poets. Her translations will appear this year in the fall issues of
Arts & Letters: Journal of Contemporary Culture and Luna.

Kim Myong-sun (1896-1951). She was a pioneer poet/writer of modern
Korea. Her story, “Suspicious Girl,” is considered to be the first
modern story published by a Korean woman. She was also the first
woman poet/writer to question traditional Korean womne’s roles in her