A Republic of Cats

Marge Piercy


Nobody rules.  They all
take turns.  I can never
tell who will chase who
playing war over the couch
and chairs, round and
round again until suddenly
they stop as if a whistle
blew in their heads.
Five of them, aged fifteen
to two.  Who will curl
together making one cushion
of patchwork fur?  Who
will painstakingly lick
a friend, washing for
an hour.  Who will growl
at their friend of last hour?
The one rule is where each
sleeps at night, their spot
in the bed and with whom.
It is written in bone.



Marge Piercy has published 18 poetry collections including Colors Passing Through Us, What Are Big Girls Made Of?, The Art of Blessing the Day, and most recently The Crooked Inheritance, all from Knopf.  She has written seventeen novels, most recently Sex Wars from Morrow/Harper Collins, who published her memoir, Sleeping with Cats.  Two of her earlier novels, Vida and Dance the Eagle to Sleep are being reprinted by PM Press in 2011. In March, Knopf published a second volume of Marge’s selected poems, The Hunger Moon.