Of Looking Glasses

Kristen Scott


I would drink the drink of strychnine

to push the hurt of you out of my mind


I never knew that look before

I never knew   orange

blossoms departed from your eyes


oh, to look at me in such venomous

strikes  –

I never thought to see that through

the roses of mine


could Shakespeare have written

such a fantastical ending

to a wide-eyed passion?


ah, the glorious dying from love

the fables and witchery of wonder

secret potions, eyes of newt, and

fairy dust.


but, alas, our love wasn’t born through the

looking glass – I just never knew


until now.



Kristen Scott- see author’s bio in additional works and on author’s page.


Imen Bennani


Threads, threads
the bobbins in the heads
Am doubting the beginnings
dreading the ends
shall I drink up love’s cup to the dregs?
Here I am standing
with the white thread
for dawn to break, to
tell me: “you are right”

would I break the fast
at sunset in that sea
with love dates and glasses of ecstasy?
Or pledge eternal abstinence and see?
Threads, threads,
the black ones and the reds
Emily Dickinson’s ‘yarn of pearl’
or Hafiz’ smiling faces at the deathbeds?
Should Ariadne have supplied Thesus with the thread?
left deserted on the island
found dead
threads, threads
and mine with God cut–
I miss Him so
need to quickly make a knot
and climb to Him
follow the thread
threads, threads,
would my mouth smell of smoke
and my lips taste wine?
Would there be traces
of squeezed grapes?
Methinks I’d want God to check my mouth
then smile and say,   

 “I am satisfied”



Imen Bennani is a Tunisian teacher and scholar. She graduated from the faculty of Arts of Sousse (Tunisia) where she worked as assistant and taught English Literature. Imen Bennani made her MA on the poetry of Emily Dickinson and is currently preparing her PhD on contemporary Arab American Poetry. She now works as researcher at CEREDICREC (The Center for Research and Studies in the Dialogue of Cultures and Comparative Religions), Sousse, Tunisia. Her fields of interest include American Literature, Arab Literature, and Literary translation.