C V Will


I wake
this dream
I dreamed before

I am an angry
child who
leaves the house
of childhood
to walk or to run
around in the night

But in the dream
it is daylight
and my father
is on a ladder
reaching for the head
of a black snake

I try to warn him
it is a cobra
He ignores me
or does not hear
the warning

This is the third
time I’ve dreamed
the dream I think

In life my father
is dying
so I know
this dream is about

I see my father
struggling with the black
snake, his balance
on the ladder precarious
between heaven and earth

He does not hear me
and cannot see me wake
He is in the dream of dying

I am awake in night rain
thousands of miles
and years from home
where I understand
the dream

I taste the change
in the wind, I
hear the cadence
of rain on the roof

I am still
angry at
old abandoning
he left me alone
near the iris beds
in the side yard

Awake I write in the dark
and know change
is coming and I am
too old to run away now

I don’t think I was the one
who ran away from home



C. V. Will is transplanted native of the Midwest who returned to creative writing pursuits after years of writing formal reports.  Will’s poetry has appeared on-line in Today’s Alternative News, The Muse Apprentice and …. has been published in a number of anthologies.  Will was a founding member of several writers organizations in the San Diego area and enjoys an active association with the Maui Live Poets Society.  CV practices writing and tai chi when and where able.  Recent poems were written in the International Terminal at LAX circa 3 AM.  A favorite poem was written in a bar in Ensenada, MX with one of the waiters who assisted in writing the Spanish translation of the poem as CV and a friend drank far too many margaritas.