Ghazal of Two Lovers

Sam Hamod


She said,

if I could

I would embroider you

into my heart


He replied, yes,

and the thread

the thread would come from mine


She said,

if I could

I would weave you

into my breath


He said, yes

you are already

within my breath,

without you, I could not breathe


She said,

if I could

I would take you

into my blood


He replied, yes,

I am already

in your blood

and, as well, yours is mine


She said,

if that is the case

then your are mine

I am yours


Yes, he said,

it is true,

we are one

the same blood, breath and heart



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Of Looking Glasses

Kristen Scott


I would drink the drink of strychnine

to push the hurt of you out of my mind


I never knew that look before

I never knew   orange

blossoms departed from your eyes


oh, to look at me in such venomous

strikes  –

I never thought to see that through

the roses of mine


could Shakespeare have written

such a fantastical ending

to a wide-eyed passion?


ah, the glorious dying from love

the fables and witchery of wonder

secret potions, eyes of newt, and

fairy dust.


but, alas, our love wasn’t born through the

looking glass – I just never knew


until now.



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