New Moon

CV Will


Tonight is a black well we toss our coins in
with wishes for quiet passage
our hearts beat back terrible fear

We remember days in the sun, garden plans,
our jacaranda journeys for your sketches
the long drives in spring, the seeds planted

The stars shine bright without the moon
we still follow the mysteries we live
clocks tick away and echo through the dark

The wind ruffles by outside, it cannot move
the stars or the absent moon, but it moves us
unseen toward some unknown place where
we must go–a place where no shadows are made

We are so tired in our different ways
but are so very much the same in our needs
to release to sleep–to dream deep into the well of this night.



C. V. Will is transplanted native of the Midwest who returned to creative writing pursuits after years of writing formal reports.  Will’s poetry has appeared on-line in Today’s Alternative News, The Muse Apprentice and has been published in a number of anthologies.  Will was a founding member of several writers organizations in the San Diego area and enjoys an active association with the Maui Live Poets Society.  CV practices writing and tai chi when and where able.